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Technology and tomorrow

Technology has transformed many aspects of society in a short period of time – take the invention of the internet, which only became widely used in the late 1990s, and smartphones and tablets, which took off in the late 2000s. In other ways, some of the technologies predicted to be used in the 2020s are yet to appear, like flying cars and personal robots. 

In 800 words or less, describe the impacts of a particular technology on society. You can look at a technology of the past (even ancient past), describe a technology in use today, a new technology that is being developed, or outline your predictions for the technology of the future. 

Your 800 word essay could consist of:

- A news story on technology that is being developed now and its predicted impacts. 

- Your own ideas for new technologies that will need to be developed in the future. 

- An essay on what the impact of a particular technology is on different parts of society.

 Don't forget to look at the section 'How to write your essay' for some tips and tricks before submitting.

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