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Future Earth: creating a more sustainable planet by 2030

In the next decade, our global society faces major challenges in developing sustainable energy solutions, food sources, clean water, and waste management and in protecting biodiversity.

In 800 words or less, describe one of the challenges we face, and present your ideas or past research into how we are currently addressing, or we could potentially address, these issues.

Your 800 word essay could consist of:

1. A news story on an exciting piece of research that aims to solve issues relating to climate change, clean water, pollution, clean energy, food security and biodiversity. 

2. Your own ideas for sustainable initiatives that will make an impact in your community, in Australia or around the world. 

3. An essay on why these issues are important for society; their impact and the need to address the challenges in food, water, climate, pollution and biodiversity. 

Don't forget to look at the section 'How to write your essay' for some tips and tricks before submitting. You can also click here for examples of great science writing and questions to help get you started.

Note: if you have any trouble submitting your entries online, please email your details, consent form and essay directly to