Careers with STEM

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The STEM in everyday life

Science, technology, engineering and maths is part of everything around us, from our response to the pandemic, to the tech we use for play. Mobile phones, traffic lights and TikTok, your food, health, the climate, the built environment and the natural world around you - STEM has had a part to play in understanding, refining and creating so much of the world we take for granted everyday.

In 800 words, explain the STEM behind something that’s part of your everyday life and important to you, your family, your culture, or your region. If we didn’t have scientists, engineers and technologists, we wouldn’t have vaccines, productive crops, or algorithms that recognise your face on your phone. Discover and describe the science behind something that is directly relevant to your everyday life including why it’s important for society and to you personally.

Your 800 words essay could consist of:

– Discuss the origins of natural phenomenon you've experienced

– Analyse the science or engineering behind something you use everyday

– Critically evaluate the history of a scientific or technological development

References do not count towards the word count.

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Careers with STEM